Jan 4, 2012

Mark and Melissa are the perfect couple as far as im concerned.  Mark has a playful sense of humor which complements Melissa’s southern charm and shy reactions.  I captured today as Mark spontaneously attempted to pick Melissa’s teeth after dinner…she got embarrassed and pulled away. You never know what he will do…and you never now how she will react!

Its always an interesting pleasure spending time with these two!

Theres something in your teeth!

We were in a low light restaurant and it was hard to prevent blurry pictures.  I tried to keep my elbows tucked but had a hard time.  I have the camera on Manual Mode and I avoided using the flash…any tips on how to prevent the blurs?


3 thoughts on “Jan 4, 2012

  1. Yes. Increase your ISO so you can increase your shutter speed. Keep your apperature to the greatest opening your lens allows and experiment from there. I’d go w ISO 1000 to start, apperature at 2.8 (if you can do it) and increase the speed to at least 60. Try that and see how it works. 🙂 hurray to all your hard work by the way!!!!!

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