April 10, 2012

Reading. Do it.

I love to read but I dont do it as often as I should.  At times, I will convince myself that there is nothing worth reading and it is too time consuming. I believe we are told what to read for so long (while in school) that we associate it with a chore.  One summer I discovered how pleasant it can be, how reading expands my imagination and really makes me process things.  When I rediscover this, reading is addictive.  For those of you who think it may not be worth it, all you are missing is finding something that interests you…

Jose bought me this kindle for my birthday last year.  I didnt use it at first until I started reading Game of thrones and have read quite a few books since then.  I went through a period of not reading but last week I got back on it with the Hunger Games. Looking for suggestions on  my next book to read…I welcome any recommendations!



2 thoughts on “April 10, 2012

  1. Anabell..I just love you and the way you embrace all that is new in life and try anything you think you may like…Life is full of wonderful friends and experiences and I enjoy viewing you on all of yours…Reading is Fundamental…

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