April 30-May 5, 2012

Sorry I have been slacking on promptly posting. I have taken my pictures but I am struggling to find a consistent time to post them!


This is our new friend Vigo. The little guy had to get a cast. 😦 Hope he gets better!



This is a cake from our cousin Vero’s Baby shower…it was delicious! She adores butterflies which was used as the theme for the shower.  Cant wait to play with the Baby!



So I have a habit of leaving random things in random places, the above image  being an example.  Im trying to work on it and Jose is very patient. 🙂



ImageThis is my lovely grandmother who along with my mom raised me.  We are very close and Jose also has a special relationship with her.  She is very loving and as you can see the feeling is mutual. They are watching a novela together!




This plant is in our front garden and smells so good. I know spring is truly here.




This is a bush in our neighbors yard and I find the color so pretty. I always turn to look when i walk past it.


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