May 7- May 16, 2012

Past week and a half photos:


Jose being silly while putting away the clean dishes.


One of our rooms has a mural and this is a piece of it.


Lila came to visit this weekend and she is growing too fast!



This is a lamp in our bedroom.



On our porch.




This week i made chimichurri sauce…it was so easy and delicious! Goes great with grilled meat!



My brownies made from scratch. πŸ™‚



Jose being efficient. Drive safe while on the phone.



This is a table at the tonalteca, a mexican restaurant near where we live. Β The tables are carved with these images.


4 thoughts on “May 7- May 16, 2012

  1. When are you making more of those brownies? Haha
    Lila’s pic is great. She is always so focused.

    Love the one of Jose being silly. Looks a little old fashioned with the black and white.

    Also love the one of the light in your bedroom.

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