May 26-31, 2012

Over Memorial Day weekend we had a blast because we had family visit and spent a great time enjoying the weather and good company.  Theres something to be said about enjoying good food and good company.  We are blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives and moments to share with them. Below are some special moments captured over that week.


These flowers decorate our porch. I feel alive when I sit on the porch and people who come over always compliment the atmosphere.


Samantha stayed over our house and was showing off her Dora sunglasses.


These kids have such a great time that their happiness is contagious!



Little Noel lost his first tooth! I guess hes not so little anymore…:)


These roses are growing in our front garden.  They bloomed a couple of days before my mother in law, who happens to be named Rosa, came to visit.



Jose concentrating.  He always intensifies when hes focused.








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