June 22-24, 2012

This weekend was special because a couple of our good friends ventured out into PA just to visit us.  For those of you who dont know, we are originally from Boston.  Not very many people make the trip to visit us here in PA since we moved and those who make it out gain major brownie points in my book.  It is a 5 hr drive.  Lena and Jon were brave enough to make the journey so we tried to do it up.  We did so much in one weekend! We enjoyed meals on our porch, fun morning workouts with Viefit, Founders day in Tunkhannock, a visit to the P&G plant, and some delicious meals.

Thank you so much Lena and Jon for gracing us with a trip to visit our home.  We had a wonderful time.

Ducky Pond
shopping around
Massage Line with Dito P1
Massage with Dito P2
Sunday Morning Lifting
Lena squatting 65lbs! She did amazing for her first try!
Lena- The Russian Machine

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