July 1, 2012

This post deserved to be on its own.  I made a drastic alteration to my appearance and took a chance.  Due to my line of work (manufacturing) I cannot wear my hair down past shoulder length because it is a safety hazard.   The summer is here and I can wear it down but it always ends up in a messy bun on my head. This defies the point of having long hair, dont you think?

Fed up, I decided to book an appointment at Mizu Boston.  For my wedding, I came to this Salon and Darren Le worked his magic and fabricated an amazing updo.  My splurge resulted in a style that was truly remarkable.  With that pleasing experience, the salon gained my trust. I believe they truly have professional and talented staff members who exemplify what it is to be stylists.  Therefore, when it came turn to change my look, I did not hesitate to once again splurge and trust their judgment.

My appointment was with Louise who is a sweetheart!  She sat me down and explained what she thought would look good and why.  She was honest and comforting so I had no problem following her guidance.  My request was simple: I needed a style I could wear down with easy maintnance because who really wants to spend more than 2 minutes on their hair at 4:30 AM? NOT ME! Hence why I was getting lazy.

Here is my transformation (8.5 inches shorter). I’d like to thank Miguel from Mizu who was intentively watching Louise work her stuff and was gracious enough to take the pictures for me.  He did a great job!

If you are considering a change and can afford to spend the money, go to Mizu! Its a treat you’ll never regret.

P.S the 8.5 inches of hair was donated to locks of love 🙂


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