June 30, 2012

One of my dear friends had a big fat greek wedding this weekend and I was fortunate enough to share the experience.  Elena and I have been friends since we were 15 years old and had just entered high school. We have seen each other grow up over the years and it was a joyous day to see her fulfill such an epic event in her life.  Her wedding was just as sweet, lovely, lively and beautiful as she is.  It was emotional seeing her in the beautiful white gown surrounded by loving friends and family.  I love weddings because they tend to unite people. Everything is put aside to celebrate a union and Elena’s union to Chris is a lovely one.

Here is to a lifetime of happiness and joy together.  I love you guys!


I have to admit I had a hard time being the paparazzi at the wedding and snapping a bunch of pictures because I was too busy having fun.  She had a great photographer so I will just share the couple of quick ones I snapped. 🙂

Elena – Blushing bride





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