July 2-6, 2012

This week was independence day celebrations! What does this mean? lots of BBQs, drinks, good weather, fireworks, and most of all– good company.  Being that July 4th fell midweek put a damper on things.  Its hard to go hard when you have to go to work the next day.  Thanks to Melissa’s potent sangria I spent the day with a mini hangover but it was worth every drop! Heres to good times…thank you to all of the people who made sacrifices so that people like us could celebrate our freedom.  This week is dedicated to you.


July 2- This is my bedroom.  I feel a sense of serenity when I sleep.  No TV or distractions only a bed, my kindle and a space for my husband.  Simple yet blissful.  Colors are important to me and it has taken some experimenting to figure out what I like.  Its a working progress.


July 3- My friend Lena got me a plant as a house warming gift when she visited a couple of weeks back.  Its not dead yet! 🙂 I dont intend to let it die.


July 4- I feel like this picture says alot- Jose with his Ron Paul – REVOLUTION shirt on while using the ipone on our porch under the flag.  🙂 This is a snapshot of the joys we are blessed with.


July 5- This Thursday we went to a drive in movie with our friends to see The Amazing spider man.  Theres something to be said about seeing a movie while sitting in the open air…I very much enjoyed that.


July 6-Lovely flowers sprouting in the flower bed.


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