Sept 2-Sept 8, 2012

This week’s theme is objects of sentimental value. As I spend time in my home, enjoying the fruits of our labor, I am reminded of people through objects that they have given us.  Every time I see or use the object, for a moment I always pause and think about where it came from and why I have it.


This wine is not part of the theme, it was just a photo I took for the week.Image

This is a candle stick holder that was given to us by my dear friend Elena as a wedding present.  We got it before the wedding and actually used them when we lit the candles at our ceremony.  Thank you Elena! Now, when i set a table for a special dinner I am reminded of Elena.Image

This vase was used on our wedding day as a centerpiece.  Our florist had the ingenious idea of wrapping the glass vase in bark and painting it gold to match our color theme.  It was a wonderful touch that added to our winter wedding decor.  I always picture our reception and how lovely it turned out when I look at this vase.Image

Jose and I like to drink espresso.  I love this little cup and saucer set given to us by Sunish.  He traveled to Barcelona which is a city I lived in for six months.  It brings back double pleasant memories when we enjoy our coffee in these.  Sunish also happened to MC our wedding and will forever be a special memory of our wedding.Image

For those of you who dont know, my mom is from Colombia.  She happened to travel and bring us back a little miner statue.  She was born in Colombia but moved to Venezuela as an infant.  I have had the pleasure of traveling to Cartagena last December.  Our countries share mirroring customs and culture and it felt like home.Image

When I was in the 5th grade, I had a teacher who gave us these little “dream dolls”.  She instructed us to put one under the pillow for every worry or problem you had so that they could help you with it while you slept.  Although I don’t believe they fixed anything for me, they helped me relax enough to get some rest when I had something on my mind.Image

The jeweler, Ana Katarina, who made our wedding bands gave me my jewelry in this vintage hand painted box.  This box was painted in 1950 by Walter Wright, Dean of creative design in Vermont. When I look at this box I always study the detail that someone spent time and effort in creating.  It was a lovely token to deliver a special package.


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