Sept 11-12, 2012

Back to Sentiment

I enjoyed shooting and discussing objects of sentimental value therefore Im keeping the theme for the next few posts.

Last year Jose and I traveled to Venice. I have posted a few pictures from our travels.  Venice was beautiful, like a toy town.  One of my other favorite things of the city were all the small shops.  I could have gotten lost for days exploring the small shops in the hidden alleys.  At one of the shops I had to live up to my female nature and caved, purchasing some jewelry! This is a copper ring with pearls.  I love it! Its like a pearl cluster.

Jose’s wedding presents to me was these pairs of earrings.  I wore them on our wedding day and they hold a special sentimental value to me.  I felt like a princess that day and I feel the same way every time I wear them.  These are very special and I will enjoy them for many years to come.  I had the pleasure of designing my wedding band.  It has emeralds which is a special stone: it represents love and fidelity/loyalty.  When I learned this, I realized that it was a great gem to have in my band.  The earrings are a complimentary set to the band.  Perhaps over the years I can continue to add to my collection…(wink wink).


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