Nov 17-20, 2012

Im skipping through november because Im a bit behind.  Im visting home for thanksgiving and I want to post while it is still fresh.

I MISS BOSTON!!! There, i said it. I had not visited since June, mostly because its a bit of a trip and coming for just a weekend can be hectic.  Going such a long time without visiting caused me to get homesick but also distanced me from friends and family. Coming for an entire week allowed me to see some people I had not seen in what feels like forever.  It was also a treat to go to Newbury St, shop in the city, and just take in what I love.  Living in the suburbs doesn’t allow me to just walk around for hours or take the T somewhere.  I used to find this tedious, but now I wish I could do it more often.

I got to visit some great friends but I only snapped shots of Emem.  Although we met in college, I feel like Ive grown up with her since birth.  Seeing her and other friends made me realize I am fortunate to have great friends who understand life gets in the way of being constantly in touch, but when we see each other, they make me feel as if we left off yesterday.  Im blessed. I only wish I had more time to see everyone but ill try to spread the love.

I cant wait to continue my thanksgiving vacation seeing my great family! More shots to come!!



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