Pictures in the sun

Did you know the best time to take pictures is on a cloudy day or at sunset?

I know when you have a special event you wish for sun, but sun can ruin pictures! It casts shadows that can be unflattering.  Dont believe me? Here is a picture of a family where the sun was bright.

harmful sun

This picture (despite the super cute kids) is not good.  So what do you do when this happens and you cant change the weather?

1. Find some shade. Go under a tree if you can find one.

2. Sometimes you can use flash to help offset the sun.  It sounds odd but try it, it helps balance the light on the individual.

I was able to find some shade and here are a couple of the pictures that worked.

Kahn2012_088 copy Kahn2012_149 copy Kahn2012_157 BW Kahn2012_158 BW Kahn2012_204 copy


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