San Francisco Weekend

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of visiting some great friends in San Francisco.  It was a great experience for me because although it was my second time, I was able to meet new people and experience new places.  I cant get enough of that city!

We laughed, ate, talked, ate, danced, ate….well you get the picture. Speaking of pictures, I’ll just stop talking and get to the good stuff!


IMG_3331 copy IMG_3322 copy IMG_3319 copy IMG_3309 copy IMG_3308 copy













BOOZE AND BLANKETS | dolores park, SF

IMG_3305 copy IMG_3280 copy IMG_3274 copyIMG_3285 copy IMG_3295 copy IMG_3287 copy IMG_3273 copyIMG_3306 copy



IMG_3253 copy IMG_3251 copyIMG_3260 copy

IMG_3156 copyIMG_3262 copy IMG_3152 copyIMG_3151 copy
IMG_3186 copy
Mumm Napa – If you like Bubbly Brut wine…this is a MUST!


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