Friends make me smile

Moving from Boston to a little city like Clarks Summit, PA was a scary move. I came knowing no one, having to start from scratch and make new friends. 5 years later, I have a village. Over the next few weeks, I plan to share some of my wonderful friends through pictures.

Sugar She and EJ I know shae from P&G and she loves to booty drop with me 🙂
Prom Pic- group shot. Although Dana avoided taking a solo shot, I got her in the group picture!
IMG_3396 copy
Gaby and Paul- Soon to be married in a few weeks. Congratulations!!
IMG_3391 copy
Matt and Marissa (AKA Donna) who are super cute and super tall. I look tiny next to them!
IMG_3394 copy
“Double D”- Dito and Donna who look gorgeous together!
IMG_3388 copy
Josh and Stephanie- First time I met Stephanie and they are sweet together.

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