The Traveling Wives

In Istanbul I am sharing an apartment with Masha who is a travel writer.  She is a wife from NYC traveling on her own. We were surprised and inspired by each other.  Not that many wives travel solo and if they do, people tend to react surprised.  Whats wrong with traveling alone without your husband? Like my aunt likes to say, I was born alone! “Tu naciste sola!”. (If you are a twin/triplet etc, this may not applyThe point is: I can do things on my own and I shouldn’t turn down an opportunity because I would be alone.  Jose is a wonderful husband and leaving him to travel is difficult.  However, he is supportive in me traveling alone because he does not want me to turn down the opportunity just because he cannot be there.  If the tables were turned I would do the same for him.  Although I miss him terribly, every time I am on my own I learn something new about myself.

…So back to Masha! She is traveling the world doing spiritual walks for a year and writes about her experience on her blog: An Unlikely Pilgrim. To learn more about her journeys go to her her blog!

My plans for Wednesday fell through but Masha was a great accomplice and explored Fatih with me.  I explored Istanbul during the day and in the afternoon we walked the streets, ate some good food, and got some nice treats from various people! While dining at Siirt Seref Büryan the waitress gave us complimentary coffee and offered us pashminas because it was cold.  At Fatih Sarmacisi they gave us complimentary tea as we ate our delicious Sarma- sweet spongy cake. I guess the traveling wives have a way with people! 🙂  I highly recommend eating at these places which i obtained from www.parlafood.comWe finished off the night with a drink at Babel Cafe and Restaurant where we chatted with a fellow American living in Istanbul. Overall it was a nice leisure day exploring the city.

this is how it all starts...piling on the layers of meet!
this is how it all starts…piling on the layers of meet!
Masha loves her some Ayran
Masha loves her some Ayran
Random alley
Random alley



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