Cave Homes

I went to Cappadocia, Turkey with grand dreams of riding over the hot air balloon ride at sunrise yearning for these incredible pictures I had seen of majestic views.  That didn’t happen due to rain. I was disappointed.  Then I asked myself, why? I am so blessed to have the opportunity to see such beauty and sleep in a cave hotel, what a brat! Instantly, I was humbled. I think I blushed. So at 5AM with no balloon ride, I watched the sun rise from my beautiful terrace and gave thanks for such a blissful moment. This taught me that I need to let go, there is no reason to be tied to specific things or moments I hype up.  Sometimes we stress over the silliest things and forget how amazing the simpler moments can be. This is my outlook as I proceed on my trip. If one event I expect for doesn’t happen, I just have to shrug and wait for another one to come along. There is no sense in wasting time and missing the next opportunity lamenting.

IMG_6192 copy
IMG_6120 copy
Me being a diva over the vast land 🙂

Cappadocia is a historic region of Turkey where people created homes inside these natural rock formations.  Today, people do not live in these cave homes due to the fact that they are being historically preserved and can become dangerous over time because they are eroding structures. Many cave homes were turned into cave hotels and I was able to stay in one!

IMG_6384 copy
Ruins of an old Christian City
IMG_6477 copy
Cave Homes
IMG_6499 copy
Cave Home
IMG_6413 copy
Stray dogs:  this one barked at me and I ran away

This is a beautiful region and the landscapes of rock are breathtaking.  This landscape developed from deposits of a volcano that erupted millions of years ago and was shaped by streams and lakes. The first period of settlement in this region dates back to the Roman period! There is much history about cities and churches that were built and are now ruins. There is even an underground city where people hid during religious persecution.

IMG_6315 copy
Hand painted pottery
IMG_6590 copy
IMG_6144 copy
Turkey’s custom is to have protective eye everywhere!
IMG_6203 copy
Can you see the person?

IMG_6270 copy IMG_6238 copy

Not only did I get to see amazing structures, I also got to meet some interesting people. They invited me for a selfie and I honestly thing of making it a “thing” : taking selfies with strangers on trips!



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