Weekly Photo Challenge: Converge

The pictures featured here were taken over the past two months and all remind me of “converge”.

When visiting Ha Long Bay, Vietnam we had a very relaxing cruise on a junk boat with Indochina Junk Tours.  It was a small boat with 6 guests and a very tailored approach to making each guest’s stay as pleasant as possible.  The bay is a popular tourist spot and I particularly find it symbolic that the flags are in a path of convergence with the boat. Thereby the boat is a place where people from various part of the world meet and spend a few days together. Very fitting!


We got to visit a floating village in Ha Long Bay. It has a small population but people live here. Theres a small school and the children learn how to row the boats at an early age.  We got to visit where people live and got to walk around one of their museums. Since all of the village is above water, the long pier allows for a nice convergence to the person walking on it.


While traveling from South Africa to Hong Kong I was able to do an 8 hour Layover in Dubai.  I hopped on a tour bus and for 5 hours rode around exploring the main attractions.  This photo was at the Dubai Mall. This photo has a lot of leading lines and it feels like all of the wooden bridge converges in the middle to your path.IMG_8662 copy

These are two close friends of ours who asked me to do an engagement photo session before I left for my trip.  I perticularly like this picture because although they are small, they are clearly the focal point.  The road and landscape converges to the two of them embracing each other. To me the road converging also symbolizes that their “life road” led to finding one another.  I love their chemistry and wish them so much love and happiness.

IMG_5300 copyConverge


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