Koh Lanta- My Utopia


noun: an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect

As we roll down a hill on our little motor bike, I feel the breeze cool my skin and watch the beautiful beach on my left and a lush green jungle on my right where at any moment a little monkey runs to the side of the road.  I didn’t want to leave this utopia and if it wasn’t for the fact that we finally purchased a ticket, we would have stayed.  We came to Koh Lanta expecting to stay 3 days and left two weeks later. This seems to be the theme across the island; where people come and just stay. Most cases were Non- Thai folks that set up shop and made the quaint little island their home…for years I mean, How could you resist? Its paradise.  The perfect mix of activity and seclusion.  We fell victim to this pull and I couldn’t be happier. Let me visually illustrate how amazing this part of our trip was. In the morning, we jumped on our little motorbike and explored the island.  It was small enough to go beach and restaurant hopping. You can rent a motor bike in Ko Lanta for 250Baht which is about $8 a day.

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    We would dine at one of our favorite restaurants.  The cuisine is fresh, local, delicious, and cheap! One of our go-to’s was Pad Thai Rock and Roll .  It had a small menu executed with excellence.  Their smoothies were to die for.  Lunch would cost us about $8 for two entrees and drinks.  Other special treats around the island were: Beach House Restaurant (thai food), Yang garden (fusion), Shanti Shanti (French).
    KL20141125_1510 copy KL20141125_1509 copy
    From there we would explore a new beach since the beaches vary throughout the island.  Our favorite beach was Nui Beach because it was secluded and you had to hike down a hill through the jungle to get there.  It was easy, I promise.  The beaches in the north are more populated and as you travel south there are less resorts and people.
    KL20141207_2252 copy
    We stayed in Long beach at Escape Cabins for most of our stay. It was a quiet and comfortable place with A+ hospitality.  The owner, Yuko, went above and beyond to exceed our expectations and make our stay enjoyable.  In the north of the island you have immediate access to more nightlife and can walk to shop, eat, people watch, or dine on the beach.  We booked two days where we traveled on speedboat to nearby islands.  There are many tour companies going to the same place, so take your pick.  We chose to do the 4 island and the Koh Rok tours.  Each one was 1 day. It was fun to island hop and see some of the most beautiful beaches Thailand has to offer.
    KL20141127_1806 copy KL20141125_1618 copy KL20141126_1758 copy KL20141126_1684 copy
    After seeing these places we decided we had to stay longer, it felt wrong leaving.  This is  how our stay stretched to two weeks! Part of the reason we stayed was because we also did our Scuba Diving Open Water Course with Hidden depths over 4 days.  We got to see loads of fish and traveled to a couple of islands.  It is amazing to be able to breathe under water!
    KL20141203_1968 copy KL20141203_1958 copyADP3
    While doing this course, we met our new buddy; Anna from Argentina.  She has just finished a year living in Australia and was touring Asia by herself.  Anna introduced us to a few of her friends and we hung out various nights.  Our activities consisted of Yoga on the beach at sunset, beach bar hopping, and body painting. They were so sweet and welcoming, it was a fun few days with them.
    KL20141204_2016 copy KL20141204_2031 copyKL20141204_2033 copy
    We decided to move down south the last few days towards the end and stayed at Baan Phu Lae Resort.  It was a cute secluded resort with bungalows overlooking the water. We loved it there. No need to leave the premises because the food was also fantastic!
    KL20141207_2273 copy
    KL20141207_2282 copy
    One of the most captivating things the island has to offer is the sunset.  No sunset is the same and every day we looked forward to watching the sun go down.  Whether it was meditating, or just sitting at a bar, we watched the sun set and gave thanks for such wonderful experiences.  I will never forget this little island that stole my heart. I could see us moving here one day to be part of this Utopia that is Koh Lanta.
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Gone, But Not Forgotten


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