Weekly Photo Challenge: NEW

During this long trip, to be safe, we left our wedding bands at home.  That causes for people to mistake us for a teenage couple roaming the world! This is the confession they make every time we tell them we are married.  Actually, on December 30th, we celebrated our 4th anniversary!!

In Auckland we have the luck of staying with a lovely couple who are jewelry artists! Brian has workshop for ring making so Jose and I jumped on the opportunity to make our  New “travel wedding bands”!!! We had so much fun and now they are so much more special.  Since Brian and his wife live in a lovely little house overlooking a nature reserve and it feels like a tree house, we incorporated this theme into our designs.  Jose chose a “wood” pattern and I chose a “leaf” effect.

IMG_5235 copy IMG_5236 copy IMG_5238 copy IMG_5239 copy IMG_5251 copy IMG_5253 copy IMG_5260 copy IMG_5293 copy IMG_5295 copy IMG_5321 copy IMG_5326 copy IMG_5333 copy IMG_5354 copy


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