Cairns, Australia

There is so much to do in cairns; it is not just sitting on beaches and visiting the great Barrier reef. We got to go see the Table Mountains and Daintree forest on two separate day tours. The Cape Tribulation Connection tour was “Laid Back”. It takes you on a nice stroll through some beautiful rain-tree forest. The Daintree rainforest is 180 million years old, tens of millions of years older than the AMAZON! IMG_3984 copy IMG_3975 copy IMG_3988 copy IMG_3996 copy

We got to drive through Port Douglas where the rich and famous whisk off to vacation. The Clintons supposedly own a home there! Unfortunately, no star sightings for us. We did get to see a cassowary (for a few seconds), which is the deadliest bird in the world: It has killed the most humans. Mostly, because we can be an idiotic species and think we are invincible.  You may think: how much damage can a bird really do? Well, this bird will take its claw and slices you open, spilling your guts if it feels threatened…so that should answer your question! cassowaries are on the endangered species list and they are rare sightings but cool to see because they are so big! I enjoyed Cape Tribulation with its beautiful beaches which we could not swim in because of the Box Jellyfish (the deadliest creatures on earth!). IMG_4020 copy IMG_4017 copy The more “rowdy” tour was with Barefoot tours. IMG_4095 copy We were the oldest people on the bus! We looked younger than everyone else though. Dr. Jimmy was a charismatic guide with very little regard for being politically correct and it was AWESOME! We enjoyed his joyful personality with the funny stories and trivia. IMG_4116 copy Dr Jimmy took us on a fun-filled day where we got to climb a tree, swim in waterfalls, hike, and take in beautiful scenery. IMG_4064 copy IMG_4090 copy IMG_4122 copy IMG_4127 copy IMG_4134 copy IMG_4137 copy The group we traveled with were young backpackers from various parts of the world willing to have fun and mingle. Many of the passengers tried to re-enact the Hair Flip commercial at the waterfalls!IMG_4171 copy Dr Jimmy was super knowledgeable and he loved to pick on folks. Jose was the “Mexican”! It was Jimmy’s last day on the job but we had a blast exploring the table mountains and listening to the superb taste in music. IMG_4195 copy IMG_4201 copy As Dr Jimmy says: If you’re not living, you’re dead! Very wise words if you ask me.


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