Black and White Sydney

Sydney was a fun city to explore for a few days.  We enjoyed amazing weather but it was too good because the sun was beaming.  It did wonders for my mood and vitamin D consumption but not my photos.  So I will share a different perspective with you as I illustrate Sydney through a Shadowed view.

We visited the most iconic structure- the Opera House!  It is a fun place to see and the arcs of the roofs were cool.  It sits dramatically on the edge overlooking the harbour.

IMG_4237 copy IMG_4246 copy IMG_4258 copy IMG_4284 copy

We got to explore the city by doing a FREE walking tour! It was 3 hours of roaming the city in a relatively large group.  Do not fret, the guides were LOUD and informative.  For a free tour, it is fantastic.  We ended up giving a donation (which they gladly accept) because it was worth 10X what we paid.

IMG_4353 copy

IMG_4510 copy IMG_4516 copy IMG_4518 copy IMG_4523 copy

We also did the Hop on Hop off bus which was a nice way to get to places such as Bondi Beach.  Given the limited time we had, it was good value for the money!

IMG_4332 copy IMG_4393 copy   IMG_4330 copy

My favorite structure was the Sydney Harbor Bridge where I found myself visiting almost every day! We also used it as a vantage point to see the fireworks.  You can pay and walk up the bridge!

IMG_4411 copy  IMG_4230 copy

Sydney was on the bucket list to visit and it did not disappoint! It was a great ending to 2014 and start of 2015.  We enjoyed our stay and the new friends we made!IMG_4721 copy


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