Hobbits in Hobbiton

This is a treat for all the Lord of the Rings Fans out there! It is also for those of you who, on various occasions, refer to me and Jose as hobbits because we are short. I am a good sport about the short jokes and this post will open it up for more, but I believe it is worth it!

Hobitton20150107_2731 copy Hobitton20150107_2728 copy Hobitton20150107_2692 copy

Many LOTR fans know New Zealand is a prime location where key scenery was used for the movie. The Hobbiton set is one you can visit by purchasing a ticket. The initial houses for the movies were quickly built and dismantled. When Peter Jackson had to film the second hobbit movie, it was decided that the set was to be rebuilt by New Zealand housing standards and so the latest is really nice and detailed. Originally, there were no props but now you find cute little things around the properties.

Hobitton20150107_2700 copy Hobitton20150107_2743 copy Hobitton20150107_2744 copy

The upgrade has enabled for a highly profitable business because tourists come and pay a pretty penny to roam through Hobbiton, take some pictures, and have a beer at the Green Dragon Inn. We did enjoy this part of the trip and we had been looking forward to it.

Hobitton20150107_2685 copy Hobitton20150107_2716 copy

It is expensive to visit Hobbiton, and you feel rushed because tour guides take you on a speedy time table to walk through the set, take photos, and have a drink. Jose and I just wandered off on our own at times if we wanted to spend a few more minutes looking at something. Luckily,we got on an earlier tour by accident and avoided being on the large tour with our Kiwi bus passengers. That was a larger tour and it made it seem even more fast paced.

Hobitton20150107_2672 copy Hobitton20150107_2748 copy Hobitton20150107_2676 copy

As you can see, I was put to work in the little village! It is such a peaceful place and as you walk around one thing that cannot be faked is the Serenity of it all. The set is on a large farm where there are lots of sheep and breeding of horses. Even the little white butterflies from the movie are roaming around! It was such a pretty place.


6 thoughts on “Hobbits in Hobbiton

  1. Beautiful shots! Very well captured and looks like you had a lot of fun :). I especially like your dressing up photos, haha 😀

    I loved Hobbiton, and also wrote a whole post about it, haha!
    Thanks for sharing your experience! 🙂

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