Queenstown, NZ

One of the first questions I get is: “What is your favorite place so far?”

This is such a complex question to answer. So far, I walk away from every place loving something about it.  New Zealand is such a beautiful country, so admiring the entire country is easy.

Queenstown20150121_3730 copy

One of my favorites places to visit has been Queenstown.  It’s a city I could see myself living in.  The best part is the backdrop scenery! It is just beautiful. Imagine waking up and looking out your window and seeing these splendid mountains. EVERY. DAY.

Queenstown20150121_3747 copy

I find I could easily live there because:

  • Size of city: it’s really a medium town where you find what you need but can get away from it all.
  • Driving a few hours in any direction allows you to feel like you are in a totally different place. The landscape changes.
  • There must be something in the air because all you want to do is be outside.  I look forward to being active.

Queenstown20150121_3818 copy

We stayed just outside the “city” which is really a downtown for tourists. It was a small walk from our 10 minute bus ride up tremendous hills but worth the view.

Queenstown20150121_3829 copy

We had the pleasure of doing our bungy jump, hanging with new friends, eating some Venezuelan food, and doing gocart racing overlooking the picturesque mountains.  I felt like a kid. No matter where you went, it was a great view from any angle.

Queenstown20150121_3843 copy Queenstown20150121_3866 copy Queenstown20150121_3864 copy Queenstown20150121_3901 copy Queenstown20150121_3905 copy

Queenstown is a great wrap up to our Amazing New Zealand adventure. Words don’t do it justice.

Queenstown20150121_3859 copy Queenstown20150119_3596 copy

It is starting to sink in that we have been away so long and our adventure is pausing.  Yes, pausing. I will look at life differently now.  There is beauty everywhere and each place you set foot on is what you make it.  So we will pause our international adventures and resume our local ones!  But….I remember not to get ahead of myself and enjoy the moments before they’re gone.


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