Home: Where the heart is

Coming home was easy because there was so much love to get back to.  Yes, we got to see some amazing places and meet some amazing people, but the ones who taught us to appreciate the world are our families. It all starts at home.  Our families teach us to live: we play, fight, laugh, and most of all: love unconditionally.  None is perfect and those imperfections make us stronger because we have to learn to overcome them.   Our families taught us to be patient, hard-working, and without their support, it would have been harder to muster up the courage to take this trip.

So in true JoBell fashion, we surprised our families! Long story short, we told them we couldn’t visit but in truth booked our tickets to see them as part of our trip.

I love surprises like this.  It sends a surge of happiness through your body when you walk in and have to do a double take.  Is it real? Are they really here? We got those looks about 5 times and it was priceless!

What filled my heart the most was seeing the growth and development of my nephew in the months I was gone.  He is the spitting image of my sister, with some of her attitude too! His laugh makes my day and it was a blessing to spend a few days with him and his little giggles.

IMG_7211 copy IMG_7243 copy IMG_7289 copy IMG_7331 copy

Coming home made me realize how fortunate we are to have a big, loving, and supportive family.  I include many friends in this statement because over the years, they too have become our brothers and sisters–nieces and nephews.  Since my birthday was approaching, I decided to have a little photo-booth party to document the fun and joy of seeing many of them after our trip.

29BD20150207_0405 copy29BD20150207_0443 copy 29BD20150207_0458 copy 29BD20150207_0470 copy 29BD20150207_0469 copy 29BD20150207_0449 copy 29BD20150207_0431 copy 29BD20150207_0465 copy 29BD20150207_0435 copy29BD20150207_0409 copy

I have read, heard, and started to feel the life changing experience of traveling and how weird it is to come home.  I step into my “old world” with new eyes.  My life glasses have changed.  You may not believe me when I say Everything I see is in a new light, but it is.   I will do my best to document and share these experiences with you as I continue my journey of adjusting to my new vision.


3 thoughts on “Home: Where the heart is

    1. Thank You Indah! I am still working on the whole photobooth setup, its a new way to photograph for me. I did enjoy the pictures and hope to print them out to have visibly to remind me of the wonderful people in my life! thank you for the comment.

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