The Traveling Friends

It is important to be open to new experiences while traveling.  Things happen the way you least expect it, and I am so grateful for that.  Who would have known that being on a tour bus and having to randomly share a room with a couple of strangers would blossom into a great friendship…

IMG_9243 copy

That’s exactly what happened with Fabienne and Marco. It was all by chance.  We got paired up to share a 4 person dorm.  They were a new addition to the group and our guide changed us to be together at the last minute.  Upon meeting them, it was an instant click.  We talked, laughed, and joked.  We liked being with each other so much; we decided to meet in Costa Rica!  I have seen Marco and Fabienne more in the past 6 months than I have seen some family members!

So, we reunited in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica and embarked on a fun road-trip.

IMG_4060 copy IMG_4074 copy

MataPalos20150331_1896 copy IMG_9557 copy

We had a great time in waterfalls, sleeping in a treehouse loft, and hitting the beaches.  Traveling with them is so easy!

IMG_9272 copy IMG_9271 copy

Uvita20150330_1719 copy Uvita20150330_1727 copy Uvita20150330_1733 copy

One of our stays was in Corcovado, in a refurbished miner bar (that was also a brothel at the time!). With barely any internet and strange sounds serenading us in the night, it was a great stay.  We even had a couple of visitors, such as a spider in our shower and a scorpion who wanted to backpack with us by sneaking into Jose’s clothes.  That was a little scary, but its Costa Rica.  We’re in the jungle, and these things happen…rarely do you end up with an injury. The scare is the worst part.

IMG_9515 copyIMG_9535 copyIMG_9500 copy IMG_9503 copy

MataPalos20150331_1833 copy MataPalos20150331_1862 copy MataPalos20150331_1822 copy

Saying goodbye was hard.  I teared up, but it was more like a see you later.  Jose and I hope to see our lovely Swiss friends very soon for more adventures! Like Fabi said, “30 years from now, we will be on another trip and say ‘Remember when the boys had hair?’…but we will still be fabulous!”.  She gets me 🙂

IMG_9552 copy


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