Coding Stumbles: Learn by overcoming

Week 5 was somewhat uneventful.  The little disagreement Django and I had last week seems to be a thing of the past.  We are still at odds but I seem to be getting a better handle on steering our relationship where I want it to go: where I can dominate.

Week420150429_0244 copy

Every day, I understand a little more. It is very rewarding.  The one valuable lesson of the week:  I am more comfortable with being confused.  A wave of panic or confusion can be overwhelming, and if you don’t control it or learn how to overcome it, it can cause stress.

Casado- Carne en salsa- Traditional Costa Rican Lunch

At one point I broke a piece of code that was previously working.  I don’t know what I did, but I promise it was working!  In light of my frustrations, my mind blanked out and I got mad.  It would have been futile to stare at the screen and get more angry because the code doesn’t care. It has no feelings.

Instead, I had to go sit outside. Yes, I put myself on a timeout.  Within 5 minutes, I felt better. I would love to tell you that I came back and solved it, but that was not the case.  Instead I spent another hour trying to break things into sections to pinpoint my mistake.

The point is mistakes are painful. Learning to code is like taking an intensive anger management course.  If you don’t learn to control it, you wont be successful.  I understand now more than ever why tech companies have games or other toys that people find bizarre.  While visiting Google in Mountain View which is known for its extravagance, I saw a ball pit.  I now understand that after a frustrating coding moment, it is somewhat logical to want to throw yourself into a ballpit!

Week420150504_0310 copy

What works for me is detaching myself, taking a breather.  It is a work in progress to develop this skill, which takes time.  Moments like this make me glad that I enrolled in a coding boot camp.  At the early stages, I cannot imagine not having someone to ask questions to.  It would be significantly more frustrating to learn on my own. With that in mind,  I am also aware that main goal of this program is to become independent.  I must be comfortable researching and finding answers on my own when there is something I do not understand.  Some folks who can do this naturally.  Others, like me, need some training.

Week420150429_0258 copy Week420150428_0239 copy


4 thoughts on “Coding Stumbles: Learn by overcoming

  1. I just wanted to say I’m SO grateful for your blog and telling us all about your GoCode experience! I’ll be there for the June cohort and I’ve been so anxious to know how it’s been going! Can’t wait to read future posts. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Lindsay! So glad you found me and that I could be helpful. Feel free to post questions or any perspective you want to hear about, I’ll be happy to help.

      1. It WOULD be great to know a couple things! If there was anything in the pre-course work to REALLY focus on, what would make the material easier to understand? There are some things I come across that I just want to skip over in frustration!

        The other question is more location-related. I’m coming down a day early to stock up at the grocery store. Are they pretty decent? Is there one you prefer? On a related note, I’m sort of nervous about the water quality. I drink a ton of water and I’ve read that it’s actually pretty good. What your experience been so far?

        I would love to read about the job preparation, any job prospects and obviously, how soon you find one!

        Thanks so much for taking the time out of your so busy schedule to do this! I’m loving it so far =)

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