Confessions of a GoCode Student

What would I want to tell myself 6 weeks ago before starting my bootcamp?

Week420150509_0314 copy

1. Don’t worry too much– I have an overwhelming urge to worry.  It won’t matter.  Take a step and breathe.  I stressed out about the pre-work.  Ultimately, I completed 80/20.  That is respectable.  There are 6 weeks of pre-work material to cover.  Lets be honest, some of it was boring.  It turns out everyone approached it differently depending on their previous experience.

Week420150515_0385 copy

The disclaimer that I want to make: All of the pre-work was helpful and concepts were applicable. Having said that, and confessing I did 80/20, I don’t feel behind those who did more (or less) than me.  It all depends on how much knowledge you have on each subject prior to the class.

Week420150515_0396 copy

Here is my perspective:

Things to be comfortable with:

  • Command line– A MUST! Don’t skip it.
  • Python– The first part of the course will focus on learning python. I would not recommend skipping the tutorial.  You will get frustrated if you don’t have a basic understanding.  The tutorial is not too bad either.  Just bite the bullet and do it!
  • Github- This will be key to understand and use.  If you don’t get it during the pre-work, don’t fret.  Just know it will be a something you will use a lot in this class and the instructors will help you get comfortable with it.

Things to attempt doing: 

If you don’t get it, don’t stress about it.  Give it an honest attempt.

  • Basic knowledge of CSS/HTML will be helpful when you start Django. This wont be a front end focused class.  You will need to do a little (at the very least) for your project.
  • Javascript/JQuery– do the review, it will be helpful.
  • SQLGive it an honest attempt to review this.  This is another one where you shouldn’t fret as well if you are confused or find it hard.  I found it tough even when we were doing it in class.

Week420150516_0406 copy

2. Have Fun! It’s not that hard.  Costa Rica is a beautiful place.  I’m here for business (investing in my skills) but you need time to play.

Week420150516_0421 copy Week420150516_0426 copy

I am glad I made time for myself and got to know others.  Hit the beach, laugh with friends…you wont regret it.  Without the small escapes, this program would be harder.  Take advantage of this paradise.

Week420150516_0440 copy

3. Enjoy the Food.  Costa Rica is a blue zone: where people live longest. The food is simple and local. That is one adjustment to make.  No fancy ingredients. You won’t find large grocery stores, instead there are small “Supers”.  It is like a convenience store.  There are 3 within a 3 minute walk for me, and I go a few times a week when I need a staple.

Week620150519_0461 copy

Otherwise, I hit the fruit stand.  It is my go-to.  Fresh. Local.  Fair Price. I have felt good eating the meals these fruits and veggies make!

Week420150516_0430 copy Week420150516_0431 copy

So far, I have had no issues with food, including drinking the water! Matter of fact: the water on the Nicoya Peninsula is renowned for life-longevity benefits.

Week620150519_0489 copy

There are cheat meals…we have silly moments.  Sometimes, it means having an “early” beer and some fruit-loops.

Week420150515_0386 copy

3. There are No regrets.  You would do this all over again in a heartbeat! Looking back at all we have learned, all the headaches I have had…I have no regrets.  My progress is tangible and this was my goal all along.  Where I stand today, I feel content with my experience thus far.

Week620150519_0477 copy

There are 2 weeks to go and I miss home, but this experience taught me more than how to code.


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a GoCode Student

  1. Thanks Anabell, this was really helpful!! I would LOVE to see an update about life after GoCode. How’s your job search going? What sort of preparations happened during bootcamp? Hope you had a wonderful reunite with your family!!

  2. Thanks for following Lindsay. The “wrap up” post is coming. I am excited to let you know I will be back as a TA during your session!! I look forward to meeting you. 🙂

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