A Pic of Anabell

IMG_3383 copyMy name is Anabell Jimenez and here is a little info about me that will paint a picture:

  • I started this blog as a Daily Picture Blog during 2012. Every day I took a picture in manual to learn about my camera
  • I am a computer engineer that loves photography
  • I quit my job to travel until February and return to change careers (next job is TBD)
  • I fit all my travel stuff into a backpack! Its called a deva 60 by gregory and the name suits me!
  • I was born in Venezuela and moved to the states when I was 7
  • I married my lovely and patient husband almost 4 years ago
  • I love to do pole dance fitness and performed a routine for their halloween show last year
  • My friend Emem and I love to twerk
  • I throw great theme parties but my favorite is my annual halloween party

The main objective of this blog is to tell you a story through my photos. I hope you comment, share, and enjoy my posts!




7 thoughts on “A Pic of Anabell

  1. Anabell! Love this project.. you are so talented! Hope you took some shots of the jungle! Thanks again for staying with us. Jen & Jungle Man…Jair. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jen!! You are so sweet. I’ll be posting the ones I took of the jungle house over the weekend! Had a great time at the jungle house. It was beautiful.

  2. Hi Anabell!

    I was nominated for the “Liebster Award”. This award is meant to welcome (relative small) bloggers to the world of Blogging and I wanted to pass this honor on to you!

    If you accept the award, please “pass it forward” and nominate 3 to 11 other people for this award.

    There are a few rules if you accept this award which you can find them here: http://thegirlwhoclicked.com/2014/12/26/the-liebster-award/

    Basically the rules are: Answer the 11 questions I have written for you in my blog, state 11 random facts about yourself and nominate 3 to 11 other people for an award.

    Feel free to ignore this award if you are not into this sort of thing. The true purpose is to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I not only admire your photos, but also your love for travel! 🙂

  3. Hi Anabell! I found your blog through the daily post photo competition. Great entry. You are an amazing photographer. I love all your shots!!! ❤ It's always great to find new inspiring travel blogs and I can't wait for more of your adventures

    1. Suze. Its great to see I can inspire you. I get my stamina from readers like you. Feel free to let me know thoughts and suggests topics. I look forward to reading about your adventures as well. Cheers.

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