Traveling for almost a year to various countries around the world, I took pictures of the ground.

Searching through my galleries, I love how many I took of special places I set foot on.  It serves as a friendly reminder to stay grounded.  Figuratively and literally.

We come from the earth and we return to the earth. It is life.

Its important to look down and remember where we come from and where we are headed.  All the stress of jobs, money….it means nothing in the end. Its how you live your life and the impact you make in the lives of those you love.



MataPalos20150331_1822 copyAuckland20150102_3002 Auckland20150103_3010 HK20141105_0387 HK20141105_0398 Kona20150127_0142 copy Kona20150127_0199 copy Kona20150127_0248 copy Queenstown20150118_3385 copy Queenstown20150120_3619 copy Queenstown20150120_3622 copy Queenstown20150120_3693 copy
Beneath Your Feet



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