Good Days @ GoCode

Today is a good day.

I am wrapping up a beautiful experience and starting a new one. Today, I am finishing my “nomadic year” and returning to my roots: Boston, MA.

IMG_4470 copy

I spent 2 months learning by doing in Costa Rica, then I came back to spend another 2 months learning by teaching.  It was a humbling experience filled with a roller-coaster of emotions.  From excited to exhausted; I felt all the feelings on the spectrum. It was worth it.

IMG_4296 copy

Today, I walk away with so much joy filled in in my heart and give thanks to today and all the days that have led up to it.

The students at GoCode allowed me to enter their world and share so much about themselves; both in the classroom and outside of the classroom.  They grew into a close knit family and on the last night, it was heart warming to hear plans of a reunion.  Each one of you helped me learn and appreciate something new.

IMG_3288 copy

Big S– Your wild imagination is refreshing in a world of difficult concepts.  Your artistic brain processes information uniquely and when you share that with us, it is always a treat.  You are proof that artist can bring a unique perspective to tech.


Emily– You are a role model for females in tech;  An independent and efficient team member who can grasp technical concepts as well, if not better than the rest of them!  You dont compromise your feminism for your spot to roll with the guys and stand strong as a female leader.

GC_week420150721_0478 copy

Toanh- I admire your self confidence and positive attitude.  Your will alone is so powerful in your learning process; not accepting defeat by any means.  In a group, you are a force to be reckoned with, living up to being a small girl with a big personality.  It was fun having you around and encouraging others.

       GC_Wk_320150717_0263Glenn- The supermodel student: with little direction/instruction you are able to grasp difficult concepts and run with them.  Its like you are on autopilot! Your discipline and attention to detail is admirable.

IMG_3195 copy

Josh-You were always the kindle lighting the party fire.  You are a smart goofball and I look forward to seeing where life takes you.   You brought out the inner kid in all of us. It’s your competitiveness that will get you into trouble but also make you successful.  You wont stand down!

IMG_3083 copy

Lindsay– You are a hard worker.  Every day, you were the first one in class and would show up to office hours with questions.  Your dedication and strong work ethic will get you very far.  It was a pleasure to meet you on my blog before I met you in person.  Your journey is unique and I look forward to seeing what your next step will be.


Jo– You are proof that the tortoise can win the race.  While watching you learn I noticed you went at your own pace without putting too much emphasis on others.  I saw you develop into a thoughtful programmer with attention to detail.  In the end, you code was concise and efficient…well though out.  Your sense of humor and jabs always kept things interesting.


Julia- You were the caterpillar who turned into a butterfly.  Coding was a big challenge for you and you struggled on many fronts initially, even on the verge of reconsidering. However, you got back on the horse with all your scrapes and bruises and have been trotting ever since.  In the end, I saw you gain a level of independence and confidence which was a transformation compared to the beginning.

IMG_3138 copy

Michelle– You are not afraid to take your life in new directions and hearing about your adventures was fun.  I admire your ability to do as you wish and enjoy the moment.  Life is too short to be limiting yourself.  Learning to code after a strong career and being self employed was a big change and you were not afraid to dive in a try it!


Leah– Your genuine nature of caring for others is contagious.  I appreciate your generosity and willingness to help others. This is such a strong and unique trait which makes you a glue to any team.  It was always so pleasant and calming to be around you, even when you were stressed working on a problem! I look forward to meeting you somewhere soon and catching up!

GC_week420150723_0511 copy

Kohei- The multinational Japanse kid!  You fooled us with your shy demeanor at first.  As we got to know you, your caring nature emerged and quickly gained everyone’s fondness.  Its a joy watching you speak portunol and hear about how you lived in Venezuela. We both share our love for quesillo!

IMG_3176 copy

With this, I wrap up this sweet little memory of my GoCode Summer 2015 class like a little present and tuck it away for later wrapping.  Today is a good day.  Tomorrow will be a good day too.

With love,


Today Was a Good Day


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